Regular Gum

Take a break from the wonderfully bizarre novelty candy Blair Candy offers to have a look at our classic, simple, longtime chewing-gum favorites! From the ever-popular Wrigley's, we have bulk chewing gum in varieties such as Big Red, Double Mint, and Juicy Fruit. Of course, don't forget about the equally delicious Dubble Bubble gum, which is available in a retro box, in sugar-free form, and as gumballs, as well as in several other styles.

Most of our chewing gum is available in bulk, so you can build up your secret stash of tasty chewing-gum goodness. For the diehard lovers of classics, Blair Candy is proud to offer the Wrigley's Gum Slim Pack, which lets customers choose a 10-pack box of Winterfresh, Double Mint, Big Red, Juicy Fruit, or Spearmint gum. Whatever your gum preferences, trust Blair Candy to be there to get them to you!
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