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Nostalgic Gum

Go back in time to the somewhat recent past with a few of our nostalgic candy selections! We carry a 4-ounce box of original Bazooka bubble gum. Or, for those of you looking for bulk chewing gum, try the tub of 225 pieces of individually wrapped Bazooka gum. For a similar throwback, check out our 3.5-ounce box of classic pink Dubble Bubble bubble gum , originally released in 1928. Our Dubble Bubble products include a variety of gum styles; including gumballs, sugar-free gum, and cotton candy-flavored gum.

And since you're already thinking about nostalgic candy, be sure to peruse Blair Candy's ample assortment of retro candy. You'll love clicking through selections such as Atomic Fireballs, Laffy Taffy, Boston Baked Beans, and Pixy Stix. We make all our gum and other candy available to you for reasonable, affordable prices. So come and spend some time discovering the surprises Blair Candy has to offer you!