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Dog Treats - Cat Treats

Blair Candy now features dog and cat treats! We all know your furry friends can't enjoy candy in bulk the way you can, but that's okay! With our new selection of dog bones and cat treats in multiple flavors, your pets get to enjoy their very own "buffet candy" on their terms!

Let's highlight a few of these lovely pet items. Our local Poocheychef bakery has made most of these dog bones. Flavors include peanut butter, bacon, oats/apple, and peanut butter yogurt. For cats, we've got Purebites, My Lil Lion, and Zoom catnip. Purebites and My Lil Lion feature flavors such as ocean whitefish, tuna, and salmon. Tasty!

So don't worry that your dog and cat friends can't indulge in chewing gum in bulk with you. They've got their own snacks now, available right here from Blair Candy!