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We offer delicious wholesale candy and snacks made right here in the USA. We try our best to keep track of what candies are made in the United States. Sometimes manufacturers can process one of their brands out of the country, but you can find the brands that are made here on this page. Tootsie Roll, RM Palmer, Goetze, Gardner's, Charms, and many more candy brand manufacture their products here in the USA. While Hershey's makes many their products in the USA, we do not list them here because they sometimes manufacture their products outside of the country and our team has no way to track this. We know that some of our customers prefer to purchase American-made products, so we ensure they can buy candy in bulk without worrying about where their treats are coming from.

As a wholesale candy supplier , we take pride in providing the best candy at the best prices for businesses and consumers alike. Whether you are looking to stock your store shelves or stock your candy jar for the holidays, there is something at Blair Candy for everyone.