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Bubble Gum

Are you bored with the same old gum options offered in your local grocery store aisles? Do you like a certain type of gum but have trouble finding a lot of it at one time in your area? Blair Candy is proud to carry a wide variety of chewing gum brands, many of which are hard to find in stores in these amounts. Our bulk chewing gum includes names such as Wrigley's, Dentyne, and Freedent. Also check out other popular brands such as Hubba Bubba, Bubble Yum, and Bazooka.

We also offer a large selection of sugar-free gum—including Dubble Bubble gum, Trident, and Ice Breakers—for those looking for the benefits of chewing gum without the extra sugar. Additionally, come check out ournovelty candy page as well, where you'll find fun and interesting candies such as a Warheads lunch box, five-pound gummy bears, and classic Pez dispensers and candy. Let Blair Candy satisfy all your chewing gum and novelty candy needs.